Melissa McGlensey

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cypress, Dragon Heartstring, 13¼ inches

Patronus: Beagle

Favourite Character: Remus Lupin

Melissa McGlensey is definitely a Gryffindor, but having spent all of her adult life identifying as a Ravenclaw, her Gryffindor-like sense of duty and loyalty (pig-headed stubbornness) has bound her irrevocably to her first house, Ravenclaw. Plus she already bought the Ravenclaw socks and let's face it, she ain't made of money. She doesn't know how to feel about her Beagle patronus. 

When not directing Improvised Potter, Melissa teaches improv with Laugh Masters Academy (LMA), performs with Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Shakespeare and does stand up comedy. Keep up with her by following her on Facebook or Twitter

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