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(C) 2019 by Soothplayers.

Robert Lloyd

House: Hufflepuff

Ilvernorny House: Thunderbird

Wand: Spruce wood with Phoenix feather core 14.5 inches with slightly springy flexibility

Patronus: Falcon

Favourite Character: Professor Remus Lupin


Rob has been working professionally as an actor, comedian & improviser for over 15 years.

Most recently Rob’s career has focused upon his obsession with Doctor Who.  Rob performed his solo comedy show Who, Me. to sell-out audiences across Australia and Worldwide. This led to working with the BBC on such projects as: The Science of Doctor Who LIVE (2014), The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular (2015) and The Doctor Who Festival. Sydney (2015).

Rob is also the star of the ABC Me educational adventure series Bertram Poppingstock: Problem Solver.

During this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival Rob will also be hosting The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show and be performing with David Innes as comedy duo Innes Lloyd as they present their version of the Jules Vernes classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth.